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Honorary Secretary Report

Honorary Secretary Report for the Year 2005 to 2007

BGM and Scientific Meeting on 2 May 2007

On 2 May 2007, the BGM of OGSHK was held in the Ballroom, Langham Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui and the following cabinet 2007 to 2009 was elected:
President: Dr. LAM Siu Keung;
Vice President Dr. LEUNG Kwok Yin;
Honorary Secretary Dr. AU YEUNG Kam Chuen;
Honorary Treasurer Dr. MOK Ka Ming;
Council members Dr. FOK Lai Ling Nancy, Dr. CHAN Kuen Ting, Dr. CHAN Yuk May May, Dr. WONG Se Hung Wilfred, Dr. LEUNG Tak Yeung.
Dr. Dominic LI remained as ex-officio member.
Prior to the BGM, Professor John Newnham from Australia delivered a lecture on "Fetal origin of adult diseases" and was well attended by members.
Some of the photos taken at the BGM/lecture/dinner were shown.

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Honorary Secretary Report for the Year 2005 to 2007


Honorary Secretary Report for the Year 2003 to 2005

Biennial General Meeting

The 22nd BGM was held on 10 th June 2003 at Sheraton Hotel. It was attended by 43 members. The following Council was elected to serve for two years.

President Dr. Dominic Li Fuk Him 李福謙醫生
Vice president Dr. Lam Siu Keung 林兆強醫生
Honorary Secretary Dr. Sin Sai Yuen 冼世源醫生
Honorary Treasurer Dr. Mok Ka Ming 莫嘉明醫生
Council Members Dr. Cheung Tak Hong 張德康醫生
Dr. Joseph Chan Woon Tong 陳煥堂醫生
Dr. May Chan Yuk May 陳玉媚醫生
Dr. Nancy Fok Lai Ling 霍麗玲醫生
Prof. Terence Lao Tzu His 勞子僖教授
Dr. Lawrence Tang Chang Hung (ex-officio) 鄧燦洪醫生

The 23rd BGM will be held on 3 rd May 2005.

Postgraduate Educational Activities
Scientific Meetings

Organisation of scientific meetings is a major task of the Society. Scientific meetings serve many purposes: scientific exchange, social function and postgraduate education (CME & CNE). In these two years, there were 16 meetings held as shown in the following table. The number of meeting was slightly less than the previous years because of the SARS effect and the economic downturn. A few meetings are under preparation. The Perinatal Conference in 2003 & 2004 organized jointly by The Perinatal Chapter of OGSHK & the Hong Kong Society of Neonatal Medicine (HKSNM) were of the largest scale. The attendance rate of these meetings, both from regular and associate members, was excellent.  

OGSHK Scientific meetings 2003-2005
Date Topic Speaker
10.6.2003 Emergency Contraception Prof. P.C. Ho


Added value in oral contraception: The role of the novel progestogen drospirenone

Prof. Martin H. Birkhauser


HPV and cervical cytology-where we are now (joint meeting with HKSCCP)

Prof H Ngan


Management of Chronic Pain in Gynaecology

Dr. Ben B.A. Tay


Medicolegal topics in perinatology 2003
Medical documentation and the involvement of nurse-midwives

Ms. L.F. Ho

Obstetricians’ liability and standard of care

Dr. Lawrence C.H. Tang

Medical complaints and provision of expert opinion on medicolegal cases

Dr. Robert C.L. Law

Neonatal assessment of the causes and consequences of perinatal insults

Prof. T.F. Fok

Medicolegal proceedings – course and outcome

Dr. David Kan

Discussion & conclusion

All speakers


Treatment of menorrhgia: alternative to hysterectomy

Mr. Bowen-Simpkins


Scientific Meeting of Universal Antenatal HIV Testing Programme in Hong Kong

Dr. Lo Wing Lok,
Dr. Lee Shiu Shan,
Dr. Ho King Man,
Dr. Chan Kam Tim, Michael,
Dr. Tse Hei Yee,
Prof. Lau Yu Lung,
Dr. Homer Tso,
Dr. Lawrence C.H. Tang


The role of SERM on maintaining bone quality and beyond

Dr. Daniel Thiebaud


Controversies in hormonal replacement therapy and breast cancer

Dr. Rodney John Baber


Postpartum Hemorrhage: Anaesthesia Perspective

Dr. K.K. Lam

Routine Usage of Carbetocin for the Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage

Dr. Marc Boucher


Perinatal Symposium 2004
An one stop first trimester combined screening clinic for Down’s Syndrome in Hong Kong – a local experience

Prof. T.K. Lau

Rapid aneuploidy detection and ultrasound diagnosis of congenital fetal abnormalities

Dr. W.C. Leung

Lethal neonatal chondrodysplasia

Dr. Albert Lam

Outcome of neonates with congenital heart disease in the era of technology

Dr. Y.F. Cheung

Ethical issues in the screening of Down’s Syndrome and management of fetus with severe congenital abnormality

Prof. Edwin Hui


Antidiuretic Therapy of Nocturia in Overactive Bladder Syndrome

Prof. Linda Cardozo


It is safer to be a high-risk fetus than a low-risk fetus

Prof. David James


Cord blood banking and transplantation

Dr. D Li and Prof Lu Dao Pei


Uncertain about hormones? WHI and why (joint meeting with HK Menopause Society)

Dr. Peter Van De Weijer


CTG – Emerging concepts related to litigation

Prof. S. Arulkumaran

Forthcoming Meeting (tentative dates)
Date Topic Speaker


Maternal serum screening of Trisomy 21 & 18



Perinatal Symposium


In the future, we hope to upload the audio +/- video image of the lectures into the Society website, so that members who cannot attend can read through the contents of the talk at a later date. In the meantime, we will upload the PowerPoint slides into our website first (subject to the approval of the speaker).

The Journal of Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Midwifery

Under the capable leadership of Dr Lawrence Tang, chief editor of the HKJOGM, our journal is now coming to the fifth year. Because of the SARS epidemic and other factors, there was some delay in the publication of the journal. The 2003 issue (volume 4) will be published shortly. The journal was well received by our members as well as colleagues from other specialties. We need your support to make it a success. Your articles and comments are welcome.

Public Educational Activities
Public lectures

During these two years, we have jointly organized lectures for public with the following organizations: Mead Johnson Nutritionals, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi and Wyeth HK Ltd. The topics included women’s health in particular menopausal problems and HRT, antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care. On behalf of the Society, we would like to thank all the guest speakers.

Public Health Hotlines

A public health information hotline has been functioning since 1999. The response was good. Pre-recorded message on common obstetrical, gynaecological, breast feeding and baby care problems were always ready for retrieval by dialing 2599 8333. The hotline was collaborated by our Society & Wyeth HK Ltd.

Booklet and VCD

A VCD on Menopause Health 《擁抱更年期,活出我姿采》 was produced in May 2003 with the sponsorship of Eli Lilly Ltd. The contents included physiology and symptoms of menopause; diet and exercises; modalities of treatment and prevention of complications etc. This VCD was released on June 10, 2003 and distributed free to the public. Each of our member also received one copy and additional copies to patient can be ordered.

Media announcements and Interviews

We commissioned a study on the knowledge and worry of birth control methods and oral contraceptive pills of Chinese women which was carried out the study centre of CUHK. A press conference was held on 12 August 2003 and attended by Dr. Dominic Li and Dr. Nancy Fok. Members who are interested in the study can contact the Honorary Secretary for the full report.

The OGSHK also participated actively in other public health related activity like the Johnson and Johnson baby massage competition (8 August 2004), antenatal knowledge survey press conference (2 May 2004). A Menopause Carnival was held on October 17, 2004 to commemorate the World Menopause Day at the HA Headquarters. It was a whole day event with public health talks, talk-show by celebrity and a fashion show for menopause ladies designed by Mr. Tang Tat Chi. A press conference on “New Generation of Menopausal Women Attitude Survey” was held on October 14, 2004 preceded the carnival to arose public interest on the health issues of menopausal woman in this Generation . Results of the survey were archived at the HKU Medical library for public access.

International and Local Representation
Representation at local organizations:
Co-opted Council Member HKCOG Dr. Dominci Li (May 2003 to Jan 2004)
Dr. Nancy Fok (Jan 2004 to May 2005)
Board member, HKCOG Trust Fund Dr. T.H. Cheung
Official spokesman of the Society Dr. Dominic Li
Information Technology Advisor Dr. May Chan
Member representative to FMSHK Dr. Dominic Li
International representatives:
Treasurer, AOFOG Prof. P.C. Ho
Chair of Scientific Programme Committee of 2006 FIGO meeting Prof P. C Ho
Executive board member, AOFOG Prof. Hextan Ngan
Chair of FIGO Gynaecologic Oncology committee Prof. Hextan Ngan
Advisor Committee on perinatal health care of AOFOG Prof. T Lao

Donations to AOFOG and FIGO

The Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Hong Kong have made the following donations to AOFOG and FIGO on their plea and request:

USD 5000 to AOFOG Tsunami Fund for the O&G units of hospitals devastated in South East Asia, AOFOG will strictly supervise the use of the funds (total donations from all other O&G societies in Asia amounted to USD 64950 on 9 th March 2005)

USD 5000 to FIGO for acquisition of a permanent headquarter in London (they previously resided in the premise of RCOG)

We hope all of our members will agree and support the two meaningful donations as stated above.

We are one of the supporting societies for the Asian Pacific Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Infertility held in Bangkok from 25-28 November 2004.

Members Welfare

At present, we have 310 members. Welfare benefits would be announced in our Newsletter and updated at our Website: http://www.ogshk.org. We are in the process of upgrading the Website with the help of Dr. May Chan. We will have our domain name http://www.ogshk.org and that will facilitate the functioning of the society web. There is a public area and a members’ area which require login password. The login name for the members’ area is member and the password is hkogs-ma. Council information, information on international conferences and sponsors from pharmaceuticals etc. will be posted on the web. We sincerely hope all members will make more use of the web page in future. We send application forms to all COS and DOM of public hospitals on a regular basis to recruit new members.

Nomination of members to attend international meetings

The OGSHK will support sponsorship for our members to attend local or international meetings/conferences all the year round. The supporting organizations are mainly from pharmaceutical and nutritional companies.

Medicolegal indemnity

Knowing the sky rocketing increase of medicolegal indemnity for O&G doctors in Hong Kong, meetings were held with representative from HKCOG, HKMA, Medical Protection Society to explore for possible solutions and strategy (dates of meeting: 13 Jan 2004, 25 June 2004 and 17 March 2005). We hope some measures can be taken to rectify the problem.

Certificate course

We had organized a certificate course on gynaecology for the public with the Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong from July to August 2003. The response was very good and that also generated income for the Society.

April 2005

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