Press Release on SARS in Pregnancy
SARS in Pregnancy 非典型肺炎與孕婦
關於非典型肺炎 SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) Atypical Pneumonia
  • 孕婦對非典型肺炎的感染,不應過度恐慌,要理性處理。
  • 孕婦與一般市民在社區感染非典型肺炎的機會沒有特別增加。
  • 孕婦全時間留在家中比較上班安全並非絕對事實。
  • 孕婦應如常到診所或醫院作產前檢查,確保自已和胎兒健康正常。
  • 在公眾地方,孕婦要佩戴合適的口罩。這是最基本亦是是最有效的保障措施。
  • 孕婦應勤洗手,保持個人衛生。
  • 保持心境開朗,均衡飲食,早睡早起。
  • 這都有助提升免疫力。
  • 孕婦如有任何不適,應立即就診。
  • 不要胡亂猜測,諱疾忌醫。
  • 以目前有限的資料顯示,非典型肺炎病毒並沒有影響胎兒的發育。
  • 目前治理非典型肺炎的特效藥(Ribavirin)用於某些動物,可能影響胎兒,但未有人類胎兒的数據,故此引致崎胎的風險亦不是絕對的。醫生會平衡母親及嬰兒的利益,協助孕婦去作出治療的抉擇。
  • 夫婦要增加溝通和了解,多搜集育兒資訊。
  • 多討論孩子的培育方法,彼此互相支持。
Advices to Pregnant Women:
  • Don't be over-alarmed to the infection. Be calm.
  • The chance of getting infected is not affected by the pregnancy status
  • Staying at home all time would absolutely eliminate the chance of infection might not be true
  • Antenatal visits are essential to ensure the well-being of the unborn child
  • In public area, suitable masks should be worn and this is the most effective measure to prevent from getting SARS
  • Washing the hands whenever necessary and keep the personal hygiene.
  • Cheer up, balanced diet and adequate rest
  • Seek medical advice if feels unwell
  • With the limited information available at present, there is no evidence of SARS causing fetal growth impairment.
  • The commonly used medication (Ribavirin) may affect some animal fetuses, but there is no report of causing fetal abnormalities in human beings. The doctor would balance the risk and benefit when advising the pregnant lady to choose the most appropriate treatment.
  • Partner should support each other, share the feelings, fears, joy and get more information about the condition.
  • Don't forget the basic child care and upbringing

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